This May Be The Most Artful Drift Video Of All Time

The bar is ridiculously low for drift videos. Way too many of them are so overloaded with a dubstep or Nickelback soundtrack and bad attempts at Top Gear-style editing that they're borderline unwatchable. But what if someone out there could elevate the drift video to the level of art?


That's what photographer and videographer Landin Williams appears to have done with this amazing video of a Pat's Acres Drift event. It's all in black and white, with a tasteful amount of music and clever use of slow-motion that really lets you drink in the careful, precise mechanical ballet that is the act of drifting.

And it's helped by the sheer variety of cars involved. There's everything from 240SX-es and RX-7s (of course) to Pontiac GTOs and BMW E36s getting smoky and sideways.


It makes sense. Williams is the cinematics director for Turn 10 Studios, the makers of the Forza series, so he should know how these things ought to look.

Frankly, it's downright beautiful to watch. Consider the bar raised.

Hat tip to JT!

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Raphael Orlove

Oh yes, Patrick, I do have my challengers to your claim. I still cannot get over how damn good Off Seasons is. A screaming 2JZ, a sideways Nissan, and smoke drifting through the leaves. No extra tire marks, either.

The sequel came out this year and it goes up a hillclimb course. Again, awesome.