This Man's BMW Isetta And Matching Sweater Are The Best Things Ever

Meet Jack Charney. He's a Mini Cooper owner, a motorcyclist, an avid knitter, and a driver of a 1957 BMW Isetta. And he's one of the most charming car guys you'll ever meet.

I've been a huge fan of Petrolicious' video series for some time now, but this one may just be my favorite yet. Mainly it's because Charney is so fun to listen to. Look at that sweater he made! I need that sweater in my life!

Also, his '57 Isetta is truly stunning. His tale of how he bought it, sold it, regretted that decision, and ended up getting it back years later is nothing short of incredible. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, check your pulse.


Some things are just meant to be, right?

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MINI ≠ Mini

Do you really think I'm just a jackass that keeps mentioning this?

I got excited when I saw this. Because I own a Mini Cooper, and one of my other dream cars is an Isetta. Then I got crushed when I saw the MINI. You're kicking Classic Mini owners in the balls for saying that. And I'm amazed no one seems to care. This is Jalopnik. The place for car lovers to go to to talk to other car lovers. Not a place where someone gets scrutinized for trying to correct someone else with the kindest of intentions. Especially when it comes to a car I've owned both versions of and a marque that I've obsessed over for decades; I feel like I'm a pretty good source of correction on this subject... *sigh*