This man drove a truck full of naked people, drunk

It is not, apparently, illegal to drive while naked in Nebraska as long as "no one is alarmed." Sadly, 32-year-old Nickolus Borgman figured out a way to alarm many, many people in the Lincoln area with his nude-driving antics.

Witnesses called the cops when they noticed a suspicious truck full of people. When sheriff's deputies arrived they discovered two men and two women in the front of Borgman's truck. All were nude, with their clothes in the truck's bed. When asked what they were doing, one of them gave the best possible response you can possibly give in this situation:

"I think we're getting in trouble."


Despite Nebraska's surprisingly lax public nudity laws, Borgman went afoul of many other statutes including DUI (his third offense), open container, and for having too many people in the front seat of a pickup truck. The one law he broke he should get credit for? No seat belts.


C'mon, you've never heard of chaffing officer?

(Hat tip to John!)


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