This man drove a truck full of naked people, drunk

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It is not, apparently, illegal to drive while naked in Nebraska as long as "no one is alarmed." Sadly, 32-year-old Nickolus Borgman figured out a way to alarm many, many people in the Lincoln area with his nude-driving antics.


Witnesses called the cops when they noticed a suspicious truck full of people. When sheriff's deputies arrived they discovered two men and two women in the front of Borgman's truck. All were nude, with their clothes in the truck's bed. When asked what they were doing, one of them gave the best possible response you can possibly give in this situation:

"I think we're getting in trouble."


Despite Nebraska's surprisingly lax public nudity laws, Borgman went afoul of many other statutes including DUI (his third offense), open container, and for having too many people in the front seat of a pickup truck. The one law he broke he should get credit for? No seat belts.


C'mon, you've never heard of chaffing officer?

(Hat tip to John!)

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Many years ago (~96' 97') after a gig that was about 3 miles from our house, we dared a our excitable yet sober guitarist to jog home naked through the city of Parramatta (in western Sydney, AU). It was about 11:30pm and there's still a lot of people getting about. So he stripped down to his birthday suit and off he ran, with our photographer friend on his bicycle in tow (he managed but one picture of him). The rest of us drove the short trip home.

This guy, Dave was a skinny, frizzy haired hippie who's balls hung down almost to his knees like a ram (male sheep). Quite a comical yet unnerving sight to behold, particularly when you take a short-cut through a catholic nunnery screaming 'they're trying to rape me, they're trying to rape me'.

Dave runs through a strip mall where there are two nightclubs, (roped off doors, bouncers, that kind of thing) to tumultuous applause and cheers. He jogs past a cinema entrance with people pouring out from the late movie, he pauses turns around and does some star-jumps and other forms of aerobics you don't want a see hairy naked man do.

Then as he's running up a hill half a mile from our house, a cop car (a caged divvy van) pulls along side, passenger cop rolls down his window and yells in a stereotypical Aussie drawl "Did you lose a bet mate?", "Yeah I did" Dave replies, cop says "farken hell mate, you ought to be proud of those balls", rolls up his window and drives off.