This Machine Prints Brick Roads

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When this picture popped up on Reddit yesterday, we thought some crazy Dutch people had invented a machine that used incomprehensible techno-wizardry to order and lay out bricks in a pattern. The reality is slightly less amazing.

We've seen the Tiger-Stone before. It is a moving platform that let simply elevates the bricks as the bricklayers work on them.


As this GizMag article explains, three workers can stand at the top of the machine and organize the bricks into a pattern, which then slowly slide down onto the road as the machine rolls. A single crewed Tiger-Stone can lay 400 yards of bricks a day.

It's still a very clever machine, saving the bricklayers from a lot of strain on their backs. It's just not as magical as the picture suggests.


(Hat tip to Kiwi_Commander!)

Photo Credit: cybrbeast