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This Japanese Car Brand Goes Off-Roading More Than Land Rover

Illustration for article titled This Japanese Car Brand Goes Off-Roading More Than Land Rover
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Last year J.D. Power surveyed car owners on "whether or not they use their vehicles off paved roads." Jeep had the most "yeses," with 31% of owners claiming they left the pavement. Ram was right behind at 30.2%, followed closely by Subaru with 29.5% of owners reporting they hit the dirt.


Autoblog found these surveys and say Land Rover owners reported less off-roading than the top three and Ford, GMC, or Chevrolet drivers with "less than 20%" of people taking their Rovers off asphalt.

Man, I knew most new Land Rovers ended up in fancy corners of metropolises but I would have thought more than 20% of owners would at least tell survey-takers they bring their SUVs on adventures!


AB says Subaru really owns off-roading in wagons, with "some 34.7% of Outbacks [going] off paved roads, compared to its next-closest competitor, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, at a distant 21.1%."

Hat tip to Autoblog! Image from Nick Trippe/Flickr

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well, technically, this does count as taking your Land Rover "off road"...