This Is Why You Always Finish Your Meals

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In our quest for hilarious car news we often come across stories of people getting popped for stealing cars because of GPS devices. This is the first time we can remember someone getting busted because of breakfast. Norman O. Wheeler of Detroit decided to boost a car way back in 2004 and probably thought he'd gotten away with it. Unfortunately for him, he left a partially eaten cinnamon bun in the car and the Michigan State Police crime lab apparently has nothing better to do than analyze the DNA of pastries. Since he was already in jail for another auto theft, they had is data in the computer and matched him up. If he'd only watched Double Indemnity, maybe he'd know there's no such thing as a perfect crime.

DNA Left on Cinnamon Bun Nabs Car Thief [AP via Forbes]

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Man, this is BS. A bunch of asshats left spit-out sunflower seeds all over my truck when it was stolen and did the Oakland PD care? No. Screw it. I'm moving to Michigan. Oh wait, I'm not.