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This Is Why Rally Cars Have Roof Scoops

If you've ever wondered what those air scoops on the roofs of rally cars are for, this clip of Russian driver Evgeny Novikov having a massive crash in last weekend's WRC Rally Mexico should help you understand.


On an extremely long 30-mile stage on the last day of the rally, Novikov went offroad and somehow tore the roof scoop off his Fiesta RS rally car. What the scoop is supposed to do is raise the air pressure inside the cabin, keeping the dust out while still allowing warm air to come out. When it goes away, dust pours into the car, visibility drops to nil, and Novikov has a seriously huge crash.

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See how he took his hands off of the wheel right before it got bad? He could only have learned that trick that saved his arms from the godsend that is Danica Patrick. I have to believe that he watched the Daytona races and saw how she translated her awesome safety powers from Indycar to NASCAR and realized that he could apply that to his rally racing.

All hail Danica Patrick.