This is why people think Bugatti drivers are asshats

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In a flagrant demonstration of being richer than you, a Veyron driver got a ticket for parking in a disabled spot today. The Daily Mail reported that the driver wasn't exactly concerned with the cost of his ticket, picked up in a very rich corner of Essex, UK.

Much like ‘dog bites man,' a rich person acting like a monstrous asshole isn't exactly news. At least today we learn how easily the absolute pinnacle of automotive engineering can be turned into a douchemobile.

Hat tip to: Mwcnnewbie!

Photo credit: Andy Dibb

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I dunno. He is driving one of the fastest cars in the woooorld. If I got to lay eyes on one, I really couldn't care where he was parked.

I've been noticing too many handicap spots anyways. Being obese isn't an excuse to not have to walk far, for example.

Not trying to start shit, just tired of seeing 8 always empty parking spots beside the front door to my gym, and then having to park in the boonies.