This is why Aston Martin drivers shouldn't screw with Nissan GT-Rs

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Not served at 120 mph. As you'll see in the beginning of the video from this weekend's GT1 Championship at Silvesterone, Darren Turner in the Nissan GT-R sent Stefan Mücke in the Aston Martin DBR9 spinning off into the grass. Mücke manages to catch up with the rest of the pack and Turner, which is when things get violent.


Focusing more on angry hand gestures than car control, the mad German made "a mistake" and crashed into the side of the GT-R at 120 mph on the Hanger Straight sending both cars off. Mücke said "it was of course not my intention to drive into the Nissan, I just underestimated the situation."

Whatever the intention, we agree with Chris Harris who said this "Probably should act as a warning to all Aston drivers considering nerfing a GT-R — don't try it! The Datsun looked okay, the DB9 was knacked."


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I find it amusing you called it a Datsun. Why did they ditch that name anyway?

Thanks for the video and I did not know Ford GTs were still used for racing at that level. I thought they were too old. Shows what a green horn I am.