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This Is What The Ferrari F150 Hypercar Could Look Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Every time we have seen the Ferrari F150, it has either been a photoshop or in camo that makes it look a lot like a whale shark. Ferrari has been showing the car to well heeled possible buyers over the last few weeks. Here's a drawing of what someone who saw the car says it looks like.

The drawing was relayed to artist Leo Costa, who put these illustrations together. If accurate, we'll see a very sculpted front end, the now required Ferrari LED lights, a bunch of air intakes, a slightly Jim Glickenhaus P4/5-esque rear, and every car will be beige with red pinstripes on the outline of the body. Me likey.


We should see the F150 for real in Geneva.

(Hat Tip to DJ!)