This is what rows of rust free Datsun trucks looked like

These days finding a rust free vintage Datsun truck is nearly impossible. According to this commercial, back in 1984 "the port" was overflowing with so many of them, they needed an actor dressed like a captain to announce their big clearance sale.


It's interesting to note all of the "small pickups with big muscle" being sent to your local Datsun dealer already had Nissan displayed prominently across the bed by 1984. Regardless of what they were called, we sure wouldn't mind stumbling across a 27 year old King Cab 4x4 that still looks fresh from the port clearance.

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My first car was a Datsun pickup. But it was a 1973 model, so it was already a good ten years old or so when this commercial aired.

For all it's faults, I wish I still had it.