This Is Porsche's 919 Prototype In Full Le Mans Race Trim

Up until now, we've only seen the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 car in swirly-wirly camouflage. Not anymore. The car that heralds Porsche's return to Le Mans after more than a decade will wear this simple gray-on-white livery.


The full car is expected to show up at the Geneva Motor Show this week, but this low-res photo leaked out this morning on the Dutch website Vierenzestig. It's not the most iconic livery I've ever seen, and certainly not as sexy as Martini colors, but it's clean and attractive. I like it for the most part. Here's a side view:

How will Porsche compete in Le Mans against corporate cousin Audi, who have dominated endurance racing for years now, you ask? With an entirely different car. The 919 uses a V4 hybrid setup, whereas Audi is going with a V6 TDI diesel engine.


And of course, Porsche will have ex-Formula One driver Mark Webber at the helm, and no one should underestimate him.

I'm excited about the 2014 season. It should be a very interesting one.

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