This is what it's like to drive 153 MPH in the dark

Corvette Racing's Tommy Milner slapped a camera* on his helmet for a night practice in advance of last weekend's 2011 Petit Le Mans race. This is how little you can see behind the wheel of a GT car while driving around a road circuit. Try not to scream when the Aston Martin goes flying by.


Milner didn't finish the actual race because of a temperamental gearbox, but at least we get to experience a loud three minutes of the driver putting his racing sim training to good use.


*The PR person who sent me this would like me to point out it was a Replay XD1080, the preferred camera of ALMS drivers with PR people who have my email address.

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Fred Smith

that's not a peugeot 908, that's an aston martin lola B09/60.