This Is What It Looks Like When an Avalanche Lands on Your Car

If you were driving on Interstate 70 near Breckenridge, Colorado yesterday, you might remember that, for a short and terrifying period of time, the world looked like the inside of a bag of powdered sugar donuts as an avalanche careened down a canyon, blanketing the whole area in an impenetrable white cloud of snow. This being modernity, of course it was all caught on video.

Oh, and, incredibly, nobody was hurt, so enjoy this white snowy madness guilt-free:

Yikes. The shooter of the video, Jacob Easton, did what you probably should do when the world turns into a white void of snow—he pulled over to wait it out.


The Colorado Avalanche Information Center tweeted out a different video, and also issued an Avalanche Warning until Monday at 6 p.m.

So, you know, watch out for Avalanches out there. And tsunamis and earthquakes and sasquatches.

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