This is what happens when you lose your brakes at 160 MPH

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At yesterday's Rolex Grand Am event Gunter Schaldach experienced a scenario no driver is ever really prepared for—losing your brakes at 160 MPH. When Schaldach entered turn 1 at Road America he hit brakes on his Camaro GT.R and as the race driver put it "nothing happened".

Shortly after this discovery disaster struck when Schaldach plowed into the back of Joe Foster's Mazda RX-8 (watch the crash here). The collision sent Foster's RX-8 into the tire wall while Schaldach's Camaro hit the tire wall with such an impact it cleared the retaining wall and flew into the woods. Although it is hard to believe from these pictures, Gunter Schaldach walked away from the crash in his own words "totally fine". Joe Foster was initially airlifted to a local hospital but was released yesterday afternoon.

Both men walked away from this crash relatively unscathed, a fact equal parts amazing and hard to believe after watching these videos and looking at the pictures reader Josh Pinke sent us of the track officials fishing Schaldach's Camaro out of the woods at Road America.


Hat tip to Josh Pinke for the pictures and Col. Fox Habitat Zed and Pyrowrx for the tips!

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vdub_nut: scooter snob

With all these crashes lately where the driver walks away, it's easy to say that perhaps safety is finally one of the fastest evolving parts of motorsport. Let's not get carried away, though. I think it's a matter of time until there is another big crash that perhaps, shocks the world...