If there's one car that wasn't designed with English summer rain in mind, it's the 350 horsepower Ariel Atom 3.5R. Then again, if you happen to have one on a rainy day, what can you do?


Back in May, Evo Magazine had a problem, if you can even call it that when we talk about having an Atom 3.5R with a full tank of gas on an empty race track. So, instead of setting lap times, the British weather turned the event into a wet dream of any petrolhead.


The 3.5R is better than a "standard" Atom 3 because it's got more power, a clever suspension and a six-speed sequential gearbox. It's the best Atom yet, and what's more is that it's actually not as bad on a soaked circuit as one would imagine. As long as you have waterproof clothing...

You certainly can't get closer to mother nature than this on four wheels.

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