This Is What Happens When Wrapping Your Hummer Goes Wrong

Wrapping your car is supposed to be an affordable alternative to the time consuming and often expensive process of repainting your car. Whenever you get sick of the wrap you can have it removed and your car will return to its pre-wrap appearance—at least that is the idea.

One Hummer owner found out the hard way they had used the wrong company to wrap their vehicle when they removed the temporary treatment to find this permanent and expensive result. It appears from these pictures posted on the unidentified shop who did the work decided to paint the detail areas instead of wrap them.


As you can see the result is one extremely ugly Hummer. While we understand the desire to make your bright yellow Hummer a different color, it's hard to imagine any shop was this negligent while wrapping the truck. According to a poster on the luxury car forum this massive SUV was taken as a trade in the condition you see it in and is currently being repainted—we hope a different color.

[via GTspirit]


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