This Is What Happens When A Car Crashes Through A Horse Race

We've seen our fair share of bizarre racing accidents, but that doesn't make it any better when a completely weird one occurs during a horse race.


The trotter race in Freehold, New Jersey, started out normal enough, with what looks to be a Lincoln Town Car setting the pace for all the racers. Instead of just departing normally, however, the back wheels give out on the muddy surface causing the Lincoln to turn in on the field. Calamity ensued as multiple horses just appeared to be clotheslined by those big things sticking out the top of the car.

Somehow, the horses are all reported to be alright, according to Fox Sports. Drivers Catello Manzi, Jim Pantaleano, Debra Rucker and Vince Ginsburg were not so fortunate. All four are listed in stable condition, with Manzi in particular suffering a punctured lung and cracked ribs.

H/t to $kaycog!



1. The underwhelming tone of the announcers voice
2. The horses, all seeing the car in their path, but still running into it
3. The fact that the Camera still decides to film the remaining horses racing and act like nothing just happened.