This Is What Getting Cut Off In Dakar Rally Traffic Looks Like

GIF via Red Bull

Twelve-time French Dakar Rally winner Stéphane Peterhansel is not one to leave much room when he’s trying to get around slower traffic.


Uruguayan quad rider Diego Lucio was visibly unimpressed by the little room Peterhansel left him when coming on through during Stage 4 of this year’s Dakar Rally, having to turn away to avoid a collision with Peterhansel’s Peugeot 3008DKR as it passed.

That being said, it could have been worse! Peterhansel infamously pushed motorcycle racer Filippo Ciotti over with his Mini in a shallow water crossing in 2012:

Ciotti was forced to retire after the river flooded his motorcycle. The French organizers—insert patriotic theories here—gave Peterhansel no penalty for the unsportsmanlike incident. I doubt anything will happen to “Mr. Dakar” over this year’s brief cutting-off, either. (To this day, the comments on the YouTube video of the 2012 incident remain disabled.)

So, congratulations, Lucio: you get to continue.

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Peterhansel might be the champ but he is a grade A douchenozzle.