The current E92 BMW M3's V8 engine is a glorious powerplant, a testament to all that is good and wonderful about internal combustion. But I'll always have a soft spot for the straight six in the old E46 M3. There's just something right about it.

And arguably the best iteration of the E46 M3 was the CSL, which stood for Coupé Sport Lightweight. Cutting down on nonessential components dropped this M3 down to a smidge over 3,000 pounds, plus power was added and the suspension was revised. Only about 1,400 cars were produced.

Sadly, the CSL never came to the U.S. But they continue to frolic over in Europe, and more than 50 of the cars' owners recently gathered in Munich to celebrate its 10th birthday.

What we do get is some great video of a ton of CSLs at play on the street and on the track, and some words on what went into making the car.

When exactly can I import one of these?