This Is What A $6.3 Million Ferrari Looks Like

It wasn't exactly a secret this 1 of 2 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider was going to command an impressive price when it crossed the block at last weekend's RM Monaco event. Even so, exceeding the high end of a pre-auction estimate by approximately $1.5 million is hardly a common occurrence.


That is however exactly what happened after the smoke cleared from an intense bidding war last Saturday. The final sale price of €5.4 million ($6.3 million)—including 12% buyer's premium—was quite a bit higher than the € 3-3.7 million ($3.9-4.8 million) pre auction estimate.

We know a rare vintage Ferrari bringing big money at auction isn't exactly staggering, but this is a particularly strong number for this car. Something tells us a few laps behind the wheel of this 625 Spider will do wonders for easing the sting of the high purchase price—that is of course once the new owner gets over the very reasonable fear of a very expensive crash.

[RM Auctions]


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