This Is What A $328,000 Air Force One Photo Looks Like

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It cost $328,000 for an F-16 to take this photo of the backup Air Force One flying over New York City on April 27th. Added bonus? Scaring the crap out of Manhattan.



There are a million views about this 'photo shoot' and Obama's administration. (I am not a fan)

But think about this; why the hell would you shoot a photo of Air Force One with factories in New Jersey in the background, and not the New York skyline? I think that the pilot of the F16 shot this with a point and shoot. Why?

1. The F16 offers very little cockpit space to swing a camera around (even if it has a short lens).

2. This particular F16 used for the shoot is a ONE SEATER. Why would the pilot also be the photographer?

3. The photo has very high contrast, is poorly done (if we are to assume a professional shot it) and has a glare in the upper right corner from the canopy, and a dark vignette from the bottom edge of the canopy on the lower right corner of the photo.

I call stupid move.