Ever blow out a tire and spin out of control? It's scary, right? Now try doing it in a twin-turbo Porsche 911. With 1,300 horsepower. Going nearly 180 mph.

That's what happened to driver Kong Chang, aka "King Kong," at the Texas Invitational recently. According to Carscoops, Chang was doing a high-speed run in his BBI Automotive-tuned twin-turbo 996 when he blew a tire that sent the car spinning.

The video says the spinout happened around 170 mph, but Chang says it was more like 180 mph. (He was in the hot seat, so I'm not gonna argue with him.) It goes down right around 2:55, and he talks about how he tried to control the spin and avoid a flip right after.

Luckily, no one seems to have been hurt here, and Chang caps it all off with a "Woo!" when it's over. That's a great attitude to take.