This is what 311mph looks like from the nose of a 1000 horsepower motorcycle

Bill Warner's 311 MPH run on his 1000 horsepower turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa may not be an official record, but that doesn't make this video footage any less amazing.

Warner, who also built the impressive motorcycle, was attempting to break his own record for a non streamlined sit on motorcycle last Sunday at Loring AFB in Maine. Unfortunately he failed to complete a fastest enough return run for a two way average which would have made this run official.

According to Warner, the most frightening part of this high speed run came when it was time to slow down.

"At Loring, there is a mile shutdown to slow the vehicles, and I used every bit of it," he said. "The bike was bouncing, hopping, skipping and sliding. Needless to say, I got it stopped safely. It was a little scary."


If bouncing and sliding on a motorcycle at over 300 MPH is a little scary, we can't imagine what Warner's idea of terrifying is.


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Snuze: Needs another Swede

When I was in the Navy stationed up in Connecticut, one of my riding buddies had a Hayabusa. We were going to go up to Loring to watch the LSR's, but something came up and I couldn't make it. So a few weeks after that I'm at his place and he's like ohh, look what I got for the bike... He pulls out a box and out comes a freaking turbo.

He had it up there a year or two ago and turned something like 260mph on it. Said he really would love to build a 300mph bike. I think hes nuts. Ive done 180+ on my CBR, and let me tell you, that's probably fast enough for me.