This Is The Rap Video Tribute To The Veggie Oil Mercedes We Deserve

Not since "Saudis in Audis" has a tongue-in-cheek vehicle-centric rap video captured our imaginations as much as "That Grease," this Norwegian musical salute to the glory that is driving a biodiesel Mercedes 190D. It's beautiful.


Their names are Jan Emil Wathne, Iwar Kjetland and Magnus Wathne. They call themselves The Mighty 190, and their video has all the great-terrible rap music tropes — rolling in Benzes, throwing cash saved on fuel around like bigshots, and relegating women to the role of mere eye candy.

And it's also got a couple good Mickey D-powered burnouts thrown in for good measure. We get it from the deep fry, indeed.

Hat tip to Autoblog!

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