This Is The Opposite Of Road Rage And It Is Freaking Me The Hell Out

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You hear the horn. You see the wayward pickup truck. You hear a window roll down. And then... nothing. Well, not nothing. But it’s at that point you expect an old-school royal rumble to break out. And it just doesn’t. In fact, the opposite happens, and it’s almost like I don’t know what to make of it.

I also don’t know what to make of the 1984-esque recitation of the Declaration of Independence, but your car is your temple, man, listen to whatever you want in it.

These days, a dashcam video that involves honking means inevitable fisticuffs. (A lack of honking, naturally, means an asteroid will soon come crashing out of the sky and completely obliterate a small Russian village.) So when everyone is not just all nice about it, but someone actually says “thank you for beeping at me,” it’s just not computing in my brain.

Courtesy? Appreciation? An acknowledgement of mistakes??????

This must be similar to how Neo felt when Agent Smith shot at him in The Matrix and the bullets just stopped.


We all make mistakes while driving. Owning up to them actually makes the world a better place.

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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