This Is The Interior Of A Real Nissan Versa And Not A Joke

What happens when you put a swanky interior in a compact car? You end up with the most modest luxury vehicle ever.

Mr. Dilip Chhabria, head of Indian design firm DC Design, knows a thing or two about style. That fact becomes apparent when you look at what he's done to this Nissan Sunny (basically a Versa). Chhabria was so impressed by the little Nissan's vast rear passenger space that he decided to give it the West Coast Customs treatment. That's right: flamboyant red seats, wood interior trim, an LCD monitor, a drink cooler, a leg rest- the works. Called the "Nissan Sunny Lounge Package," the car is said to offer "comfort rivaling cars 10 times its price.”


As for the exterior, Chhabria basically just replaced the Nissan badge with a DC badge. The rest remains 100% Nissan, which could be good if you're trying to keep your baller status on the down low. Check out the interior pics below.


Check out DC Design's Facebook Page for more photos.

(Hat Tip to Anjan!)

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