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This Is The First Video Of The New BMW 2-Series Playing In The Snow

Sadly, we Americans don't get the latest version of the BMW 1 Series, which is a hatchback in Europe. So what's going to happen to the coupe and convertible 1-er that we do get? More than likely, it will become this: the 2 Series. You know, as in smaller than a 3 but bigger than a 1.


And courtesy of the folks over at BimmerPost, we now have some video of what it looks like when it's doing some snow driving. Specifically we see the M235i and the 228i. 

Remember, BMW's new naming strategy (more or less) goes that coupes will have even numbers and sedans and hatches will have odd numbers. Unless you start talking about the Gran Coupes. That's a whole other deal, apparently. 


At any rate, I do like this 2 coupe. I was a fan of the 4 Series concept that bowed at Detroit but it is awfully big. This should satisfy those BMW customers who want something with two doors that's a bit lighter and more compact. 

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Victorious Secret

The German naming strategy is as follows:

Fuck you and your logic, we do what we want and you'll buy them anyways.