This Is The First Picture Of The Brand New, Super Hot Porsche Cayman

When the Boxster got a new body last year, we knew it was just a matter of time until the Cayman was refreshed as well.

After the first picture of a camouflaged car leaked onto Instagram, we knew it was a matter of time until we saw the car in all it's Porschey goodness. And thanks to French Porsche magazine Flat6, we have our first peek.


So how does it look? A lot like a Boxster S. That's not a bad thing

It's chiseled with the same stacked lights that we were expecting and an angular front end. Around back we're expecting a hatch and the same spoiler that integrates the lights. Expect engine choices to echo the Boxster as well, possibly with a slight power bump.


We cannot wait to see this car in person tomorrow.

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