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This Is The First Drive Of The Ballistic 280 MPH Koenigsegg One:1

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this year, we got a sneak preview of the Koenigsegg One:1 as it came together for its debut. Now Koenigsegg has two of them, and on the way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it got driven by someone outside of Koenigsegg for the first time. The verdict? Mind bending.


As a reminder, the name One:1 means one horsepower per kilo of weight. In this case, it's a 1,360 kilo car with 1,360 horsepower. That's lighter than a regular Koenigsegg Agera with more power, tech, and aero than your run of the mill Koenigsegg. The theoretical top speed is 280 MPH, but that isn't even the objective of the car.

It's supposed to be the ultimate track weapon, with GPS adjustable suspension and active aero. While this isn't a very fast or thorough test, it's great to see Christian's vision coming to life. We can't wait to drive one of these cars.


Well, if von Koenigsegg will let us. He might. We were nice to him.