This Is The First 3D Printed Car

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The Urbee is a hybrid car concept that, according to the manufacturers, will be built with 3D printing technology and achieve an unbelievable 200/100 mpg fuel economy in highway/city driving. That is, of course, once they change the toner.

As you can see in the gallery below an unfinished full-scale Urbee prototype was shown at SEMA in Las Vegas this past week. The Urbee will be produced entirely using 3D printing — a form of additive manufacturing. To put it very simply for people like us, 3D printing technology progressively adds layers of material according to a computer model to create a 3D object like the body of the Urbee.

Even though the Urbee is currently in unfinished prototype form, the manufacturers and designers plan for the final product to be capable of an overnight charge using a standard electrical outlet, wind power or a small solar panel array.


The Urbee may be what the future looks like though it is still questionable whether you will see one sitting in your neighbor's driveway anytime soon.