This Is The Best Coffee-Foam VW Beetle I've Ever Seen

Volkswagen Japan came up with what may be the most ephemeral promotional tie-in I can think of: they commissioned an artist to make latté-foam sculptures of the VW Beetle. These are pretty impressive, especially when you realize the medium he's working in is about as substantial as a really good sneeze.


I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but you have to be impressed by any beverage that's able to support sculpting and painting. The awful Diet Cokes I rot my insides with can only muster some crude Jackson Pollack-like splatters, art-wise. At best.

What's remarkable is that not only is he able to create a recognizable likeness of a Beetle, you can tell that it's a modern beetle, and, even better, the most recent version of the modern Beetle.

Pretty slick.

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