Sometimes, in life, you walk onto a golf course lawn and find four Ferrari F50s parked next to each other.

That’s what happens at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, the most nouveau riche of the Monterey car shows. Pornhub to Pebble Beach’s Cinemax, as Hardigree puts it. Both have lots of porn but the atmospheres and the people are very different.


This distinction makes little difference to you, the reader, because you get to enjoy the opulent car porn from this event and all other events from the comfort of your home, or on wifi stolen in the parking lot of your nearest Starbucks, which is how I do most of my work.

We also found a Baja Karmann Ghia there. So that was pretty damn awesome.

Here’s what we found at the Quail. Hope you enjoy them.


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