While it doesn't say "Hammer" or "Murder One" on the amplifier, the Alfa MiTo By Marshall it quite possibly louder than a Ferrari FXX Evoluzione.

Lemmy Kilmister is a big fan of small, Skoda-built German WW2 tanks, but for a daily driver, maybe he should take a look at this Alfa Romeo. After all, it's got a custom-fitted Marshall JVM 50w amp head running two 12 inch 75w speakers installed in the boot powered by its own battery system. That is enough to make his Rickenbacker's sound blast through some walls.

Following Volkswagen's Fender audio systems and Nissan's honeymoon with Gibson, Fiat came up with this one-off, a compact MiTo packed with a British-built, all-valve 50 Watt JVM205H with two channel preamp giving you clean/crunch and overdrive. On top of that, the the gear knob has also been replaced by a Shure SH55 microphone.

On the outside, the MiTo has a gold panel finish on the grille, front and rear headlight surrounds, door mirror covers, door handles, side door trim and lower bumper trim. Plus plaques, badges and stickers everywhere.

Inside, it's lots of leather with Marshall's grain texture, golden knobs and white piping all around. The shift pattern is engraved into the top of that microphone, but power comes from a 120 horsepower 1.6 diesel instead of a peppy gas engine like you would expect in an Alfa.

Marshall says they hope this concept will spawn some kind of a special edition in the future.


Same here, but please use gasoline for that. Diesels are great and everything, but rock 'n' roll deserves some unleaded.

UPDATE: While we think this is pretty obvious, the lawyers for Lemmy from Motorhead think otherwise and want you to know that Lemmy did not endorse this car