This Is The Aftermath Of The World's Most Expensive Car Crash

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We dubbed December's Ferrari-on-Ferrari-on-many-more-Ferraris accident the "World's Most Expensive Car Crash" because it not only makes for a great headline but is probably true. Want more proof? How about this video of the aftermath. Oh those poor, poor Ferraris.

If you somehow missed the insane accident when we posted about it the first time, all you basically need to know is while a bunch of exotic car owners in Japan were on a weekend outing, one of them made a mistake, and a few moments later there were something like eight Ferraris, a Mercedes, a Lamborghini and at least one Prius in pieces.


No one was seriously injured, but the economic cost was incredibly high as you can see in this video, posted not long after the event but only just now discovered. It's been described as a "graveyard" of Ferraris though, in reality, it's more like a giant pile of Ferraris.

So yeah, a massive pile of crushed Italian exotica. How very cruel.

(Hat tip to Robbie J/!)