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American sweetheart and performer-who-can-definitely-sing-the-National-Anthem, Mrs. Beyonce Z, will be performing with a Corvette at this year's halftime show as part of a Destiny's Child reunion. As a Houstonian and a guy who really likes the 2014 Corvette this excites me.


Now we have a photo of the Corvette they're going to use courtesy of our secret mole Agent Cyclone.


The guys at Chevy sure love this red color as it's what they used to debut the new Corvette.

Here's hoping they do "Sexy Daddy" in honor of the Stingray's target market.

UPDATE: Forget everything we just told you, it looks like this car will drive home with the Super Bowl MVP. This seems to add credence to the other Super Bowl rumor we heard, which is that Beyonce will emerge, Venus-like, from an exploding Corvette.

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