Is An Audi R8 V10 Plus Faster Than A Ducati In A Drag Race?

Motorcycles tend to get the best of their four wheeled counterparts in a straight line. It's not all that surprising, what with the weight advantage and all. Audi builds the excellent R8 supercar. Audi owns motorcycle maker Ducati. A drag race to 150 and back to 0 had to happen.


Autocar took an R8 V10 plus and a brand new Ducati Diavel to an abandoned airfield, as one does, and then drag raced them.

As you'd expect, the Ducati gets the jump off the line. But things get more interesting as the speeds get faster.

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This is pointless. If they're going to use the fastest Audi (minus the lightweight one), why would they not use the fastest Ducati? The Panigale has 32 more hp and weighs 41 pounds less. The Diavel is marketed as cruiser aimed at the Harley market, it isn't Ducati's superbike.