This Is Our Country, This Is Our Chevy Crossover

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Chevy's kind of been the odd man out in the game of Lambda-platform musical chairs. With Saturn, Buick and even GMC getting into the crossover game with the newest Car-UV frame it seems like the brand name that's all about bringing value to the people doesn't yet have a seat in GM's people carrier. According to the Detroit News though, that's all about to change. Supposedly they'll be the newest recipient of the not-as-big-as-a-truck platform and it'll be getting the name...Traverse. Oh...boy. In case you've forgotten what this new-for-2010 might look like post-platform prostitution, take a gander at the galleries below.

Finally, a Chevy crossover [Detroit News]

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I don't get the point of marketing multiple versions of the exact same car with badge engineering. Wouldn't you end up selling the same amount of cars without having to spend millions on marketing and badges? Is brand loyalty is still such an influence anymore? "Man, I really dig that Saturn, I just wish it had more Chevy badges on it."

Either way I think the GMC version is a bad idea. Sure, it doesn't look bad. But if GM's management is playing off that aforementioned brand loyalty idea, then how many people are going to walk into a GMC dealership on their way to pick up an Envoy and end up getting sideswiped by an Acadia again?