This Is Not A Porsche You Put Away For The Winter

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Ten years ago, Pikes Peak champ and all-around Jalopnik superhero Jeff Zwart purchased a 1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe for a film shoot starring the Porsche Cayenne. Then he decided to keep it. Smart move.

Some people would lock such a car up in a garage, fearful of putting more miles on it and decreasing its potential value. Not Jeff Zwart. He hoons his in the snow, because it's just too damn fun not to.

In this video, Zwart explains why the 356 performed so well in slippery conditions if a skilled driver was at the helm. He runs studded tires on the car when he goes driving through Colorado, and then he goes and hammers it through the snow.


I told you the guy was a superhero.