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This Is How You Sell A Sprinter Van

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You know up until a minute ago, I didn't think I desperately needed a Mercedes Sprinter van in my life.

Mercedes actually won their class at the all-women Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles covering over 1500 miles of Moroccan desert this year in this very rally-prepped Sprinter 4x4. Naturally, they made a sweet ad spot out of the thing.


I wonder if I can order one like this from the local Merc dealer.

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Go to sleep, I'm a Clown

My GF's dad has the not rally prepped edition and uses it as a parts and bike hauler/ event lounge. Pretty fantastic at what it does and I can stand up in it with out feeling like an ogre by having to slouch or bend my neck at a weird angle. I'm 6'4" so it is a rarity.