This Is How You Properly Defend Your Car From The Menace Of Hail

Parking your car under a busy highway underpass to protect it from hail is for losers. Real car owners, who really appreciate their vehicles, will sacrifice their own bodies to protect the ones they love.


I'm not entirely sure that swimming action helps, but surely it's doing something, right?


Note: do not actually do this, since you can get hit in the head with a big chunk of ice and that probably hurts.

Also, since this looks like France, scratch my recommendation on a move to France. How about Peru? I hear Peru is very nice. I've never been there, but I've never heard of anybody getting back from their vacation to Macchu Picchu and complaining about the hail.

Move to Peru.

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Wow... this deserves some sort of Jalop merit badge. It may not be one anyone is proud to have, but it still deserves something... one would think bed sheets in layers might be a bit more effective since they could cover the entire surface... then again I guess it is obvious this guy isn't doing much thinking in the first place.