Snow covered mountain road. Sideways through the corner, flat engine rasping on the way out. This is you drive a Porsche.

The car is a 1953 356, a Pre-A car in Porsche nerd speak. The road is in Colorado and the driver is Jeff Zwart, who you may from his multiple wins at Pikes Peak behind the wheel of a number of 911s. Here's what he said when he e-mailed us this video.


Just a little drive out in my 1953 Pre-A in Colorado last week. Slightly less horsepower than I have at Pikes Peak.

Forget all the Macans and Cayennes and whatever other boulevardiers Porsche is turning out these days. Going sideways up twisty alpine roads is the elemental distillation of what Porsche is all about, at least if you ask me.

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