This Is How You Crash Four Ferraris At Once At Spa

We keep joking about Ferrari's "gentlemen drivers" crashing all the time at endurance races, but Team AF Corse has now shown that Rosso Corsa Iveco trucks can do the very same even before the racing starts. There must be something with that paint.

Our personal Samson, Mike Spinelli's hair is at the Spa circuit at the moment and he reports that it's raining cats and dogs in Belgium right now.


Still, how much water does it take for a semi full of Ferraris to run over the parking lot, crash through the guardrail and pull a proper Hollywood-style "hanging on a string" stunt?


A better view of the Eau Rouge, that's for sure.

Update: And it gets worse!


Photo credit: Bas Leinders and Duncan Tappy via Twitter, Mike Spinelli

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