This Is How You Adjust A Rear-View Mirror At Bathurst

First rule of Australian Supercar driving: what’s behind you is not important. (Well, unless it’s Shane Van Gisbergen or something.)

Here’s Steve Owen making an inadvertent mid-race adjustment to his rear-view mirror during the Bathurst 1000. Owen tapped the wall at Sulman Park on his first lap out of the pits, whacking his mirror in a bit with the wall.

Fortunately, in Australia, this is on the driver’s side, so hopefully he’s still able to see quite a bit from his middle mirror.


UPDATE [11:48 p.m. ET]: And again:

However, this was a bit too much in the wall:


Fortunately, driver Andrew Jones was okay after that hard shunt into the wall. Remember, kids: the walls are close and come up fast at Bathurst, and if anything goes wrong with the car, or you take the wrong line somehow, ouch happens. Car No. 8 definitely looks too damaged to continue and was towed via flatbed behind the garages into the paddock for a teardown.

UPDATE [12:11 a.m. ET]: Jones complained of a steering issue when describing what happened in his wall tap:


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