It's like Santa's workshop for cars. That's the factory where Morgan Motors hand builds its line of throwback British roadsters, including the company's new, S&S V-twin-powered three-wheeler. We'd have sworn Morgan was building cuckoo clocks in there.

This week on Live and Let Drive, Alex Roy visits the Morgan factory in the saucy town of Malvern, Worcestershire, UK to drive a three-wheeler (he's also ordered his own). It's the least expensive way into the classically-oriented line of Morgan cars, which includes the 4/4, Plus 4, Plus 8 and Aero Supersports.


Morgan's is as far from a modern, robot-filled factory as you can get without a time machine set to 1909. That's the year H.F.S. Morgan designed his first car, which happened to be a single-seat three-wheeled Runabout.

It might even be the only car assembly plant in which someone has "carpenter" on his business card.

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