This Is How F1's New 2014 Tires Work In The Wet

Formula One had a serious tire problem through the early half of last season. And when I say "serious," I mean they kept exploding. Pirelli went through a lot of trouble to introduce harder compounds for this season, but they also brought in new treads for wet weather. And this is what they look like.

Pirelli makes a special "Cinturato" set of tires both wet and intermediate conditions, and when to put them on is a huge part of F1 strategy. The intermediates retain the same pattern from last year, but the new tires for when Noah starts talking flood now have 48 different channels for water removal, as opposed to 35, which I'm told is a lot of channels.


And it should make for good wet-weather insanity.

It's anybody's guess right now whether or not we'll see wet-weather racing this year, though I certainly hope we do. It adds a completely new and challenging element to any race, and separates the truly great drivers from the merely good. Unfortunately we didn't see much wet-weather action last year, but hopefully there will be plenty over the next few months.

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John The Race Fan

1. Why couldn't Pirelli get a rendering of a 2014 car for their slick CGI video?

2. I can't be the only one who wants to see studded snow tires for a Scandinavian Grand Prix... ON ICE!