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This is How BMW's Water Injection Makes More Power

Illustration for article titled This is How BMWs Water Injection Makes More Power
Screenshot: BMW

I am not a science man. I didn’t do well in chemistry or math in school. That’s why I write words instead of equations. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained, however, is whip smart about the science magic of automobiles, and he does a pretty great job of explaining that science to mere mortals like myself.


When it comes to making horsepower, the geniuses at BMW decided to inject water into the combustion chamber to reduce temperatures. By reducing the temperature of the inside of the cylinder, this allows the computer to push more boost and advance the timing to really crank up the horsepower. Here’s an explainer of exactly how that system works, and why it provides the BMW M3 with an extra 49 horsepower. 

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