The 1965 Mercedes-Benz Produktionsprogramm is historic proof that the sixties was the best decade.

If you wander around the streets of Budapest like our dear colleague Miklós does, looking for stuff people chuck out from the attic on those special days when the council takes care of the rest free of charge, you can find documents like this.


Mercedes-Benz showing off the goods in print. It's 1965, and the 600 Pullman just came out. As did the more powerful 250 six-cylinders for that matter.

There's the museum, the factories, everything that makes Daimler's number one brand the best in the world.


It's easy to think of Mercedes as a car maker, but while those film stars and dictators enjoyed the benefits of the 600's silent hydraulic system, Mercedes buses took the common man to work, their trucks helped rebuilding the rest of what the war destroyed, ships powered by Mercedes diesels took the tourists from one port to another while Unimogs in foreign countries built roads where no man has gone before on four wheels.

This machinery made a difference.

H/T to Miklós Vincze!