This Is An $11,000 Desk Made From A Lamborghini's Nose

Retiring from racing to go "drive a desk" no longer has to feel pejorative, if that desk is the front end of a Lamborghini.

For $11,140 shipped, you can prove to your clients how much you value style over floor space by plopping this ~1/4 of an Italian supercar in your office.


While Lamborghini does indeed have it's own home goods line, this Murcielago desk is put together by a company called "Design Epicentrum" which also makes furniture that is not car-related, but no less over-the-top.

They claim the desk is made from real Lamborghini parts, though I doubt with the approval of Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini, SpA as the bull is notably absent from the bonnet.

In response to my question regarding functionality of the lights and horn, the company simply responded "can work." So, that could be fun.


Photos: Design Epicentrum

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