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This Is (Almost Definitely) The Joker's Crazy Car In Suicide Squad

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Looks like somebody shot a little sneaky video on the set of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, in which Jared Leto as The Joker leads a posse of comic villains. Based on the color and license plate, I’m thinking this has got to be the Clown Prince of Crime’s car.


The clip itself has already been taken down, but not before fast-thinking reader lil_bob screengrabbed it for us. Warner Bros. Entertainment blocked the video on copyright grounds, which makes me think it’s the real deal.


As for the car, my first reaction was: “new Corvette Stingray with a bit of body work.” But after some of you commenters pointed out more details, I’m almost positive it’s an Infiniti G35 with a Vaydor rebody kit. What do you think?

Hat tip to lil_bob!

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Even though it’s just a re-bodied G35, I think it’s still pretty damn cool for a character other then the Joker. I see the Joker driving a purple hearse completely rat-rodded and blown for some reason